The Eternal Rivalry: AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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The Eternal Rivalry: AS Roma vs SS Lazio
AS Roma and SS Lazio, two of the biggest football clubs in Rome, have a long-standing rivalry that is deeply rooted in history and passion.
The Eternal Rivalry: AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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The Eternal Rivalry: AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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Football rivalries are an integral part of the sport, adding excitement and intensity to matches. One of the most fierce and passionate rivalries in Italian football is between AS Roma and SS Lazio, two clubs based in Rome. Known as the Derby della Capitale, this clash between the Giallorossi (AS Roma) and the Biancocelesti (SS Lazio) has captivated fans for decades.

Historical Background:

The rivalry between AS Roma and SS Lazio dates back to the early 20th century when both clubs were founded. AS Roma was established in 1927, while SS Lazio was founded in 1900. The geographical proximity of the two clubs, coupled with their contrasting identities, fueled the animosity between them.

Stadiums and Colors:

AS Roma plays their home matches at the Stadio Olimpico, a stadium they share with SS Lazio. The stadium, with a capacity of over 70,000 spectators, becomes a cauldron of emotions during the Derby della Capitale. AS Roma's traditional colors are maroon and gold, while SS Lazio dons sky blue and white. These distinct colors further enhance the visual spectacle of the rivalry.

On-Field Battles:

Over the years, AS Roma and SS Lazio have produced several memorable encounters on the pitch. The matches are often characterized by intense physicality, tactical battles, and moments of individual brilliance. Players like Francesco Totti (AS Roma) and Alessandro Nesta (SS Lazio) have become legends of the rivalry due to their performances in these high-stakes fixtures.

Notable Derby Moments:

One of the most iconic moments in the history of the Roma-Lazio rivalry came in the 2000-2001 season. In the final of the Coppa Italia, AS Roma and SS Lazio faced off, with both teams eager to claim bragging rights. The match ended 2-1 in favor of AS Roma, with Francesco Totti scoring a remarkable goal from an acute angle. This victory etched itself into the memories of AS Roma fans and is still celebrated today.

Fan Culture:

The fans of AS Roma and SS Lazio are known for their unwavering support and passionate displays during matches. The Curva Sud, occupied by AS Roma ultras, and the Curva Nord, home to SS Lazio ultras, create an electric atmosphere that adds to the intensity of the Derby della Capitale. Unfortunately, this fervor has also led to incidents of violence and hooliganism, tarnishing the reputation of the rivalry.


The AS Roma vs SS Lazio rivalry is a testament to the passion and emotion that football can evoke. It represents more than just a sporting contest; it is a battle for supremacy in the city of Rome. From historical significance to on-field battles and fan culture, this rivalry continues to captivate football enthusiasts worldwide.
The Eternal Rivalry: AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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The Eternal Rivalry: AS Roma vs SS Lazio

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